Friday, 4 January 2008

Big Dump !

I had arranged to go climbing with Andy Clark today but when i got to his house we decided against it. The roads were in fairly bad shape and we reckoned there was a fair possibility that either Drumochter or the Cairngorm ski road would be shut so we put our plans on hold.

I've since found out through the electronic grapevine that the ski-road was shut, the Braemar road is shut and also an accident has closed the road through Crianlarach. Probably a good call after all.

To make up for it i took the dogs up Dunmore in the Campsies, I had hoped to get a view of the southern highlands but it was too cloudy. You can usually see Ben/ Loch Lomond, the Crianlarach hills and bits of the Arrochar Alps from here.

Yeti Spotted in the Campsies

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