Thursday, 7 February 2008


6th February 2008

Could have been out climbing yesterday! Some duff information about when a female dog can and can't get there bits whipped out saw me waste the morning sitting in the vets surgery, with a pristine white Ben Lomond highlighted in the perfect blue sky taunting me through the window.

By 11am I was back home pacing up and down about the glorious weather. By 1.40 I was at the col ready to drop into the Corrie from the ridge. I was tempted to solo one of the easier routes but thought better of it when i saw the large amount of wind slab at the drop in point (pre-placed excuse). A healthy dose of self preservation (More like the truth) had me going for a wander up to the trig point with all the other Hillwalkers.

Lomond Corner (IV,5) is the obvious line. Being higher than most hills in the southern highlands it’s in condition more often than people think.

The hill was hoaching, about 50% of people seemed oblivious to the fact they were on a Munro covered in snow mid winter. I got some weird stares being so over prepared by having not one but two "mad ice pick hings". This is the first bucky & trainers ascent I have witnessed in winter - mon the troops.

Ben & Loch Lomond

I suspect if any of the troops had come to harm yesterday they would have been described on the news as “Climbers”.

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