Saturday, 16 February 2008

News at Ben

15th February 2008

Climbed Smiths Route (V,5) yesterday with Ally Fulton via the original line. It looked quite thin from below but was perfectly climbable. Brilliant route. After lunch we charged up Tower Scoop (III) which was a wee bit detached / hollow near the top. There isn’t that much steep ice to go at on the Ben just now. More a case of take a wander up and see whats in rather than go for a specific route. Plenty of easier stuff in condition though.

Heading up to the start of the route – the big lump of ice in the middle of the buttress

Ally on the last pitch

Rescue in Gardyloo Gully – nothing serious apparently

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Anonymous said...

We climbed smiths after you ..wasnt sure at first sight so did tower scoop first. i glad we did it thanks to your lead..i was pretty put off by the chopper on the steep bit tho.