Friday, 28 March 2008

Turning Bleau ?

21st – 24th March 2008

I should change the name of this blog to as I seem to be in the perfect position to fill other peoples trips when someone drops out. The destination this time was Fontainebleau for a spot of bouldering with John & Mike. We also met up with John’s friend Sarah and her mate Richard out there. (and also some other folk that various people knew !)

The whole friction in the cold thing seems to work and we had good fun trying loads of problems of varying hardness until our fingers couldn’t take it anymore. Some of the “easy” slabs are desperate and very crimpy.

The highlight of the trip was “sending”* Moondance, A highball Font 6a classic apparently. * Note I’m only just getting to grips with this bouldering lingo and may have been seen doing a “sit start” with a tea cosy on my head in my anasnazzy velcros!

Font Jugs ....

Mike on a nice (chipped!) Flake at Rocher Fin

John about to Moondance ....

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the sit start gurning photo will be in the public domain soon enough :)

That photo of Mike on the chipped flake - was that towards the end of the red circuit, with a layback flake leading up to a big juggy flake? If so, it looked like a problem I'd quite like to go back and do...